Ana Ivanovic still dipping in form

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Only days after the French Open, it is hard to focus on anything else other than Roger Federer’s historic win. But the buzz comes about a player who used to grace the sport. Now, she is searching for answers on why her game has fallen quicker than the stock market.

Ana Ivanovic announced that she has parted ways with her coach, Craig Kardon. The partnership only lasted a few months due to his inability to help the Serb get her groove back.

It was only a year ago since Ivanovic won her first major at the French Open, and rose to the top of the sport. With her consistent play and spirited personality, she was dubbed the “It” girl on a tour that required stars.

After her convincing win in Paris last year, she crashed out in the third round of Wimbledon and the second round of the US Open. Ivanovic has struggled to win matches, let alone tournaments. Her major highlights this year is reaching the final of the Pacific Life Open and the fourth round of the French. The Ivanovic that we saw this year was filled with lack of confidence and high unforced errors as she convincing lost to Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 6-3.

As Wimbledon approaches, she finds herself at an unusual position, at No.13 which is her lowest ranking in two years.

By splitting up with Kardon, it shows a sense of emergency that Ivanovic really wants to find her game. Is getting back to her old coach, Sven Groeneveld, the man who guided her to the top the ultimate solution?


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