Who is the greatest player of all-time?

Who is the best? Former player Patrick McEnroe may have the ultimate solution: Create a hybrid opponent using the strengths of the greatest legends.

Andy Roddick: Serve

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No one gets more free points than American ace Andy Roddick. If he is able to find the variety on his deadly serves, Roddick could put himself in a place to dictate play. He is currently the holder of the world’s fastest serve clocked at 249.5 km/h (155mph).

Andy Murray: Mental

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Andy Murray‘s vigorous off season training has improved his mental side of the game. He is one of the best tacticians and is known for blunting his opponent’s games. His offensive and defensive playing style has aided him to victories over Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in 2009.

Novak Djokovic: Backhand

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Novak Djokovic can hit his backhand crosscourt and down the line with the best precision and disguise. He outclasses opponents with his talent for attacking the short ball and putting it away. His two-hander allows him to hit with more power on high balls, which is effective on the clay-courts.

Juan Martin Del Potro: Return of serve

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Juan Martin Del Potro is one of the tallest players on tour at 6’6″ (198cm). He is consistent on both wings when he returns the opponent’s serve. His deadly returns allow him to take the offensive. He is now a major threat at the Grand Slams and is currently at No.5.

Roger Federer: Volley

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Roger Federer has deft hands and can stick the volley basically anywhere in the court. Federer has become an imposing player at the net, but he has to find a chance to move forward and maintain control – something that he used to great effect against Nadal in the Madrid final.

Fernando Verdasco: Forehand

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The amount of pace and spin that Fernando Verdasco can create from this wing is similar to compatriot Rafael Nadal. There are many players out there on the tour that has a potent forehand, but a grueling offseason workout has lifted Verdasco to the next level, and his forehand has emerged as one of the most effective and dangerous.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: Intangibles

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has shown that he is capable of winning tough matches. He blew Nadal off the stage at the 2008 Australian Open. He possesses the best weapons and attitude and is definitely capable to win the biggest of tournaments. He has become one of the most exciting and thralling players to watch.

Nikolay Davydenko: Speed

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The footwork of Nikolay Davydenko is phenomenal. Davydenko sets himself up early and punishes short balls from opponents. He has often been resembled to former No.1 Andre Agassi for hitting the ball immensely early which generates immense power and depth.

David Ferrer: Endurance

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David Ferrer is one of the few Spaniards to have excelled on all surfaces. Ferrer is fit as a fiddle and a type of player who never gives up. He is able to wear out his opponent in short periods, and if anyone has the stamina to match Nadal, it’s David Ferrer.

Gael Monfils: Defense

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The sheer speed and athleticism of Gael Monfils cannot be matched in today’s game. He is able to retrieve balls that are unimaginable. Monfils has struggled with injury in the last few years but has shown recently that his game tailors on any surface. His wingspan enables him to reach balls that other players would simply concede.


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