Tennis Superstitions

Tennis players are among the most superstitious stars in sport – whether it’s off the court or on the court. Here are two of the most superstitious players in the game today.

1. Rafael Nadal

© AP Photo

– He likes to have two bottles of water, with one of them being chilled and the other containing normal water.

– After every game he lines up the bottles with their labels facing the baseline he plays from.

– His socks have to be short, no longer than 15cm up his shins and must be the same height. The sponsors logo must be parallel to the ground.

– Nadal ensures that his headband is pulled out of his kitbag an hour before any match begins, but he doesn’t put it on until just before he takes to the court.

– After the conclusion of each point, he towels his face and left arm, and before serving he bounces the ball precisely five times.

2. Serena Williams

© Getty Images

– The former World No.1 likes to tie her shoelaces the same way every game.

– Uses the same shower prior to a match and even brings her shower sandals to court.

– Favours the same socks throughout an entire tournament.

– Bounces the ball five times before her first serve and twice before her second.


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