Contact lenses or glasses?

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It is very uncommon on court to see a player wear contact lenses or glasses, let alone have a problem. Unfortunately, this was experienced by Novak Djokovic in his previous match against Rafael Nadal, where the Serb felt discomfort with his lens and despite a lengthy timeout, the problem couldn’t be fixed. Although contact lenses do allow for a full scope of vision, they tend to fall out of place when you blink or rub your eyes.

Djokovic’s Serbian compatriot, Janko Tipsarevic is one of the few players on tour who wear glasses on court. Although it isn’t as troublesome as contact lenses, they have to be adjusted every time prior to a serve. They also run the risk of them falling off, but nowadays glasses are designed to hook the back of the ears which decrease that risk. Personally, wearing glasses on court is more efficient than contact lenses as the player can feel more comfortable while they are playing, something that is imperative if they want to win. If you wear contact lenses on court, I’d be having second thoughts.


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