The problem with tennis spectators

Over the past few decades, tennis has witnessed record crowds flocking up at major tournaments and events. This is largely attributed to modern racquet technology which has enabled players to hit the ball at a much faster pace while maintaining long baseline rallies.

Although most crowds aim to support their player, some can turn the tables and go out of their way in ensuring their man or woman wins. This was exemplified in the 2011 SAP Open where a spectator yelled out right after Milos Raonic served at championship point. From my personal opinion, Fernando Verdasco should have been the beneficiary in this case as the yell came just as he was about to make contact with the ball. Raonic could have shown sportsmanship by having the point replayed, but then again the distraction came at a crucial time in the match. Feel free to post your thoughts by leaving a comment.


1 Response to “The problem with tennis spectators”

  1. 1 Chris Ross February 15, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Verdasco’s a big baby, the whole match he was talking/yelling at himself after each and every point, idk what he was saying but his mind was definitely elsewhere. That point happened so fast I can’t really believe that someone yelling could have messed him up. IMO either he’s just finding more excuses or his focus just wasn’t there which is why it threw him off. I don’t see Federer and Nadal doing what he did and act the way he did throughout the match.

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