The problem with too much success

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Over the years, Spain has been a superpower when it comes to sports. Spain’s national football team won the FIFA World Cup in 2010, cyclist Alberto Contador has won three Tour de France titles and Rafael Nadal completed his Career Golden Slam last year. Unsurprisingly, all this success for a small country of 46 million people raises eyebrows.

Earlier this week, many of you would have heard Yannick Noah‘s extraordinary comments on Spanish sport. In case you’ve missed it here is an extract.

How can a nation dominate virtually overnight sport in such a way?

Did they discover some avant-garde techniques or training facilities that nobody before them had imagined?

I have searched and didn’t find any documented evidence of such innovations. Today if you don’t have the magic potion, it’s hard to win.

For a man who knows how sensitive the issue of doping is in sports, these comments are completely inappropriate without any formal proof. It completely overshadows the amount of hard work and persistence that Spanish sportsmen and women put everyday into their respective sports. There should be some form of action taken by the Spanish Sports Committee against these comments so that their credibility can be preserved.

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