Sandy Roberts must go

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(From left) Johanna Griggs, Bruce McAvaney & Sandy Roberts

For the viewers in Australia, Sandy Roberts is a familiar sight on Channel 7, commentating AFL, the Spring Racing Carnival and the summer of tennis in Australia. Along with Bruce McAvaney, he is one of the most experienced commentators on Australian television.

However, for the past few years I have wondered why Channel 7 allows him to commentate the tennis, since he is not a former player himself and does not understand the tactical side of the game. To make up for this deficiency, he inserts the typical cliches that turns him into a caller/announcer. “Bhupathi serving to stay in the first set of this men’s doubles final” is one of the few examples.

If  Channel 7 wants to play a role in the growth of Australian tennis, they must replace Sandy Roberts with someone like Wally Masur. Prospective players listening to Roberts’ commentary will not understand what it takes to be a great tennis player. Instead, all they will get of it is useless facts and statistics. As a person who has followed tennis for a long time, I find it insulting to have someone blurting information that is clearly exemplified on court.

The video made by joopvanthofff is for the viewers who are not familar with Roberts (He is first heard at 0:30). Sandy Roberts if you’re reading this, please don’t take offence but see it as a suggestion to commentate a sport that you actually have in depth knowledge about for e.g. AFL. Otherwise, stick to being a host.

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