Bad boy Berdych does it again

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Tomas Berdych has undoubtedly some of the biggest weapons on the men’s tour. His serve, ground strokes and footwork have helped him become a permanent top 10 fixture and a Grand Slam contender.

However, in recent years, the World No.7 has failed to earn the respect of his fellow competitors and crowd. Yesterday’s match against Almagro was a prime example. Getting hit by a tennis ball isn’t the nicest thing but unfortunately its part of the game. Failing to acknowledge an apology from his opponent and then accusing the Spaniard of hitting him afterward is very unsportsmanlike. The crowd knew what had happened and did what you would expect them to do: woo Berdych off the court.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Australian crowd decide to turn against him in his next match against Nadal. What Berdych doesn’t want is a crowd like this (video made by aznalnad).

You may recall six years ago, Berdych heckled the crowd after his victory against Nadal at the 2006 Madrid Masters. That not only produced a negative response from the crowd, but also drew criticism from his opponent Nadal. As you may notice, his next match against Gonzalez saw a large majority of the crowd support the Chilean and less so for the Czech. The Monte Carlo native got the treatment he deserved and next time needs to reconsider his thoughts before acting.


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