Why Mardy Fish will never be a great player

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From an early age, Mardy Fish has been seen as America’s next big thing. There is no doubt that he has fulfilled that role, but he has failed to take that momentum and win on the big stage. What was the reason?

The World No.8 has always been affected by one thing on court: his negative mental attitude. The American becomes too sidetracked whether it be issues with the umpire, court or fellow opponent. Blowing your top on court won’t do any good for your game and will definitely not win over any supporters. If he had got his act together by concentrating on what was happening on his side of the court, he would of had better results in his earlier years.

Six ATP World Tour titles and quarter-final appearances at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open are not true indicators of his talent and abilities. Unfortunately, with age not on his side, there is little he can do to rectify the past. Prospective players should learn from his mistakes to ensure that they don’t replicate these errors in their career. It would be very disappointing to see another player walk away from the game knowing that they should have achieved a lot more.


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