Having parents as coaches

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All good parents pass on their own moral instruction to their children, but can they also provide the fundamentals of playing a sport like tennis? This is a tough question to answer, as people have differing views and attitudes.

If we go back in time, we have had the likes of Richard Williams (Serena and Venus Williams), Damir Dokic (Jelena Dokic) and John Tomic (Bernard Tomic). The Williams sisters proved over the years that having your parents as a coach can successfully work. On the other hand, Jelena Dokic’s coaching relationship with her father demonstrated how parents can ruin a promising player.

There is no doubt that Bernard Tomic would be the player he is today without the continual support and guidance of his father. But for a man nearing 20 years of age, I think it’s time for him to recognise that his father is too “annoying” and he himself does not have the temperament to handle such situations. Thus, I believe Tomic must move on from his father now that he has made a name for himself and is more than capable of handling his own finances. It is ultimately up to Tomic himself on whether he is ready to take this next step but in spite of recent events, one would suggest he do so now.


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