The dangers of social media

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As you are well aware, social media is becoming a dominant facet of young people’s lives. Nearly all teenagers you see on the street have a Facebook or Twitter account. While a majority of people use social media for productive reasons, there are others that want to attract some attention.

I am talking about the “trolls” that ruin it for others. If you are living in Australia, you may of heard of Robbie Farah (Captain of the Wests Tigers football team). Farah recently received a sexually explicit message via Twitter about his late mother. Through Twitter, Jarmila Gajdosova received this message from former player Barry Cowan after losing her second-round match at the 2011 US Open.

u r a fucking joke, get out of australia and go home u refugee, go suck cock for a living, about all ur good for

You may be asking why I am I writing about this. The reason is that I feel it is imperative that we inform the general community that online abuse is just as bad as hurting someone physically. Sportsmen and women have taken time off their schedule to inform us fans about their daily routines and activities. For the select few that choose to hurl sexist, racist and other inappropriate comments, please reconsider before hitting “enter”.



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