Monica Seles: How good could she have been?

© Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Monica Seles was a player that gave it her all even in the darkest times of her life. The first thing we are reminded of is the 1993 stabbing which altered tennis history. Prior to that incident, she was the World No. 1 and won eight Grand Slams before the age of 20.

Even though she returned in 1996 to win a fourth Australian Open, she was never the same player again. Other personal tragedies dominated her career, and it was inevitable that these issues would affect her tennis. She played her last tour match in 2003 and announced her retirement in 2008. Seles remains a popular figure in tennis circles, traveling all around the world to give her thoughts and opinions on the modern day game.  

But how good could she have been? A very good player in my opinion. It would be difficult to pinpoint the number of Grand Slams she could have won, but it would of likely been in double digits. Her relentless attacking game caught many off guard (similar to Marion Bartoli) combined with a phenomenal mental mindset made her a dominant force. Prior to her misfortune, she was in a tense rivalry with Steffi Graf, a player who she was slowly untangling. Many expected Seles-Graf to be the Federer-Nadal of their time, but it wasn’t to be. The tennis community has been robbed of a player who was on the brink of greatness.


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