Performance enhancing substances in sport – Pt II

© Rockbottomgolf

The use of performance enhancing substances will never be eradicated, it will be a matter for the authorities to catch on and drive them out of the sport. Just last week, Barbora Zahlavova Strycova was banned for six months for testing positive to sibutramine, a banned stimulant. Roger Federer has called for biological passports and out-of-competition controls for tennis. Unfortunately, in this day and age where there is so much pressure on our athletes, it is inevitable that someone will go out of their way to gain an advantage.

One would argue that in a sport like cycling, where doping is common, it would not be considered cheating if everyone did it? There is no one way to answer this but I’m sure that everyone would like to see athletes perform at their peak naturally and not medically. Sports fans do not want to see a race between who can devise the best cocktail for success. Athletes may think they are on a level playing field but they are simply lying to them self. Reputations, sponsorships, followers and supporters can be ruined because of one stupid decision.

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