The controversy surrounding Nick Kyrgios

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To put it simply, it’s hasn’t been a good week to be an Australian tennis player. And to make things even worse, reports have been circulating this afternoon that Kokkinakis, one of the innocent parties dragged into the Nick Kyrgios controversy, has been involved in a post match stoush with Ryan Harrison, which started off with the Australian taking exception to a few overrules from the umpire which escalated when the American appeared to reference the controversy which has gripped world headlines.

Kyrgios has already been fined heavily by the ATP and apologized personally and publicly. However, calls have grown louder for a hefty sanction to be imposed on the 20 year-old. These calls are yet to be answered by the governing body but I strongly believe there will be stronger penalties against the dual Grand Slam quarter-finalist. A few years back, another Australian by the name of Brydan Klein was fined exactly the same amount and suspended by the ATP for 6 months for racially abusing an opponent.

Christos Kyrgios, brother of Nick Kyrgios inflamed further tensions between his family and Wawrinka by suggesting that the Swiss would have withdrawn from the next few tournaments if he had been there with his brother in the locker room. In subsequent radio interviews (one which initially saw him kicked off after suggesting Vekic loved the “Kokk”) he persistently defended his brother’s actions by referencing a previous incident between the two players. Clearly he wasn’t going to win the debate by comparing apples and oranges and it just goes to show how immature he is.

The media coverage surrounding the saga has been immense and rightly so because these kind of comments have no place in society.  Innocent parties have been named and defamed and these are things that they’ll have to carry for the rest of their career. Kyrgios has won himself a new legion of critics who are itching to give him a bad name for every unorthodox move he makes. One man who has been quick to defend the Greek Australian is Wally Masur, Australia’s Davis Cup captain. Australia have reached the Davis Cup semi-finals for the first time in 10 years and any dent in their armory would be fatal against the team expected to be led by Andy Murray.

But by suggesting that Kyrgios would still be in the mix for Davis Cup selection in September drew the ire of Ray Warren, a respected Rugby League commentator who said that winning Davis Cup was more seemingly important than recognizing misogyny and working towards its eradication. And he is absolutely correct to think that way. Besides it seems more likely than not that the Australian will face further penalties and may not be available for the tie come September. To put the record straight, this has not been a good month for Australian sport, with the Ashes lost and barbs thrown but we can take some pride with the Australian Diamonds netball team who won their third-straight Netball World Cup.


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